Fate is a Person and They Attend Meetings

from by Guilty Parties



I see ignorance on the faces of the innocents’.
We failed to incentivise them away from their treasured prizes
and into the lions’ den they all march, with heads held in their hands.

It’s tough at the top but it’s rougher in the middle
so we’ll take these little victories, when they come along.
And shove them back down their throats,
and if it tastes of disappointment then it’s better than I hoped.

So is this the best we can come up with?
A zenith of society that claims invincibility
but civilisation implies a little more
than handshakes in front of the press.

Stab them in the back next time, another shot
to the heart could tear this relationship apart.
Maybe that was the aim all along; to stem the country’s cynicism
with a question that you cannot answer wrong.

I’ve called it off, the revolution I had planned.
I resolved to the cause
but no one gave me a helping hand.
Marching back to front and back to the drawing board.

Will you stand in front of the cameras
and finally come clean about
the role that you played
in causing this catastrophe.

Fate is a gambling addict you mustn’t tempt it.
Its all been said before but it seems so implicit.


from Demo EP 2012, released March 1, 2012



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Guilty Parties Leeds, UK

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