Theseus: Orienteering Champion

from by Guilty Parties



Though I have held on before,
tonight it seems to give me more.
What I meant was unintelligent
but who is keeping score?
My brain it feels a little compressed,
my heart is beating out of my chest.
It’s because of me that you can hardly see,
and I guess you know the rest.

I count myself lucky I was counted on at all
and it’s premature to assume I’ll make it to a curtain call.
I’ll sleep easy tonight
now that I’ve set out my stall.

I’m sick to death of reliving it;
the morning leaves too much to admit
but to my surprise, a blessing in disguise,
I bet this won’t hurt a bit.
Head first I dive and elbow deep,
and yet again the price is steep.
I promise, I swear you’ll never know I’m there
so I guess that trust is cheap.

The sunlight sets in stone what I’ve known all along,
that all I’ve left for you to do is find a way to prove me wrong.
It won’t be that hard, my trail of bread crumbs stretches for miles to see.
But if we pick up the pieces and start from scratch again
then it results in a spiteful lie that permeates through all my friends.
Scratch the surface and the building crumbles down.

It’s premature to assume I’ll make it back home at all.
I’ll sleep easy tonight,
counting my blessings to break my fall.


from Demo EP 2012, track released March 1, 2012



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